Access from Haneda Airport to Ryogoku Station. Recommended directions


Ryogoku Station is the closest station to Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is familiar to Sumo.
If you want to watch a sumo game, you will get off this station.
In this article, we will introduce the best route for how to get from Haneda Airport to Ryogoku Station.

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The recommended route is here.

How to get from Haneda Airport by train.

  • How to use the monorail
  • How to go using Keihin Express

The route using the monorail and the JR Line takes 45-50 minutes and costs 670 yen.

The route using Keikyu and JR Line takes 55 to 60 minutes and costs 600 yen.

Routes using the monorail and JR lines are shorter. The cheapest route is the Keihin Express and JR routes.

Let’s choose a route according to each purpose.

In the following, we will introduce each route.

Details of each route

It becomes the above two.
I will introduce this way in detail.

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How to go using the monorail

How to go to monorail
  • Haneda Airport International Line Building Station


  • Hamamatsucho station

     MO01 toJY28 or JK23

    At Hamamatsucho Station, head to the track No.1 and No.2.

    In the case of Keihin Tohoku Line, take the train for “Ueno / Omiya direction” of track No.1.
    In the case of the Yamanote Line, take the track No.2 for “Inside the Yamanote Line (Tokyo / Ueno)”.

  • Akihabara station

    JY03 or JK28 to JB19

    Transfer to the JR Sobu / Slow Line at Akihabara Station. The train you ride is a train for Tsudanuma and Chiba.

    Boarding time is 2 stations, 4 minutes.

  • Ryogoku Station


How to go using Keihin Express

How to go to Keikyu line
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Station


  • Asakusabashi station

    KK01 toJB20

  • Ryogoku station

    Transfer to JR Sobu Line on Asakusabashi Station.
    You will arrive at Ryogoku Station at the next station.


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