[All 0 yen] Recommended 6 free spots in Ginza

Sights and Landmarks

I want to enjoy Tokyo, but I do not want to spend much money. We introduce six spots that can be enjoyed for 0 yen in Ginza this time.

[Ginza Maison Hermes Forum] Keeping in touch the message of the work, Global Maison Gallery.

The Ginza Maison Hermes 8F Forum is a gallery sponsored by the Hermes Foundation, which supports projects related to art, technology transfer, environmental issues, and educational activities.

Various exhibitions are held as “a space created with artists”.


[Canon Gallery Ginza] A camera-loving couple must see! Watch various photo works for free.

How about “Canon Gallery Ginza” where camera lovers and photo lovers can enter for free? Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be exhibiting works that have been widely recruited from the general public, with the works replaced every week.

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[Pola Museum Annex] Up-and-coming artist works are on sale! He loves art lovers too.

I want to refine not only the beauty of the surface but also the sense of beauty and sensibility. At such time, I go to the “Pola Museum Annex”.

There are various exhibitions by up-and-coming artists who are active at home and abroad, so why not invite him to love art?


[Shiseido Gallery] The oldest art gallery and the intellectual date. Ginza area largest art space.

The B1F of Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building is the Shiseido Gallery, which is said to be the oldest existing gallery in Japan.

In the Ginza area, the largest exhibition space with a ceiling height of more than 5 m, the gallery holds five exhibitions a year, and it is a gallery that you would like to visit once a season.

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[Tokyu Plaza Ginza Kiriko Lounge] Direct connection to Ginza Station! A modern space with a sense of openness.

Facing Sukiyabashi intersection, “Tokyu Plaza Ginza” features a modern appearance incorporating Edo Kiriko in its design motif. Because it is directly connected to the subway concourse at Ginza Station, you can go without an umbrella even on rainy days.

The event space “Kiriko Lounge” on the 6th floor has a sense of openness with a ceiling height of approximately 27 m.


[Ginza Graphic Gallery] Stimulate intellectual curiosity. Let’s touch various graphic designs.

If you want to invite him who loves design, go to the Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg).

Dai Nippon Printing, which is closely related to graphic design, can enjoy it for free at the gallery specializing in graphic design opened in 1986.