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From midnight on New Year’s Day, the amulet with the zodiac origami of that year is distributed in the grounds first-come in the grounds.

After the visitors of the Apostle visit one after another and receive a prayer at the main shrine, the behavior of the sacred sake called “hahaha” made of rice to be provided to the god of the Haha Inari Shrine is performed.

About Namiyoke Inari Shrine

About 350 years ago from now on, this Tsukiji area was the sea of ​​one side.

In Edo Kaifu’s Keicho Edo drawing, you can see the area of ​​the current Hibiya moat and see the ship’s office on the shore of Yaesu.

The Edo Tonankai Reclamation, which began to be buried from Hibiya Bay with the moat’s fried soil excavated in Edo Castle Nishimaru’s extension that began from the beginning of the period, was then one person in Sengoku to the seventy-six houses of the country.

She gave her husband a name, and later took the name of the officer of the landfill, and was named Owaricho, Kagacho, etc. And 70 years later, it was this Tsukiji sea surface that it was extremely difficult to construct the last reclamation work done by the 4th General Shogun Kojin after the great fire of the Ming calendar.

Even if you build a dike, you will be exposed to the waves. One night there was something that floated on the surface of the sea, and when I started out in a strange way, it was a fine Goddess of Inari God.

Everyone drowned and immediately made a shrine in the current place, and we all had a great festival. However, from that point onwards, the winds calmed down, and the construction proceeded with ease, and landfilling was completed. It is about 1659 years. People are surprised at the depth of the god, and honor the Inari Okami god, honoring “Hami” with a cloud, obeying a cloud, following a wind, following a wind, following a wind, following a giant of a lion It is the beginning of the festival “Tsujiji Lion Festival”, in which several heads were dedicated and this was carried around.

Map and Access

Basic Information

Spot nameNamiyoke Inari Shrine
Address6-20-37 Tsukiji,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Nearest stationTsukiji Station / Tsukiji Market Station
Business hours24 hours can be visited in the temple grounds
Reception hours 9:00-17:00

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