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More than four hundred years as a guardian of Amanuma

About Amanuma Hachiman Shrine

A historical bulletin board at Yawata Shrine is located on the right side of the main entrance. According to the “Shin-style style storehouse Fudoki”, the founding is about Tensei’s year, about 400 years ago.

Yawata-sha has long respected as Genji’s god of worship, and there are many Hachiman-sha in Suginami-ku, including some historical shrines.

It is thought that this area has finally reached the beginning of reclamation since Ieyasu entered Edo when the shrine was built for Tensho.

And the farmers in this area think about the unity of their own unity and the dedication of his god for praying for good crop production, and since the Tokugawa family is the origin of Genji (there are various theories), I beg for the creation of a shrine.

It is believed that this Amanuma area was under the rule of the temples and shrines as the company residence of the Akasaka Hie Shrine, the deity of the Tokugawa family.

Hie Shrine is also dedicated to our company’s predecessor.

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Basic Information

Spot nameAmanuma Hachiman Shrine
Address2-18-5 Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Nearest stationOgikubo Station
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Official Site

荻窪駅北口 天沼八幡神社
JR中央線、総武線(緩行)、地下鉄東西線、地下鉄丸の内線(終点) 荻窪駅下車 北口より徒歩6分。「地元の八幡様」として地域の安寧と発展を 祈り守護し続けております。