Hakusan Shrine(Ogikubo) Information, Map and Access

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A large shrine beside the Ome Kaido Road.

About Hakusan Shrine

From JR Suginami Station, walk along the track on the north side in the direction of Tachikawa, and in a few minutes you will reach the entrance to the shrine.

Walk along the mountain path through the torii and you will reach the main hall. There are large trees lined up around the mountain path, like a chapel forest.

Although the neighborhood is a residential area and close to the station, only this corner feels like another world. It was enshrined as “the god of teeth”.

Eating “Mochi” that had grown in the precincts is said to have cured the toothache and the benefits have spread.

When walking along the approach, there is an atmosphere that does not seem like Suginami Ward.

Map and Access

Basic Information

Spot nameHakusan Shrine
Address1-21-7 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Nearest stationOgikubo Station
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