Recommended spots for walking around Ueno Park


How about Ueno Park on a date for a fine weather holiday? Ueno Zoo, famous for its panda, is a standard dated spot, but there are many art museums in Ueno Park so you can enjoy adult dates such as visiting art museums.

In spring we have a lot of cherry blossom viewers, but the fresh green season also makes me feel refreshed and refreshing just by walking in the park. I will introduce the recommended spots so that your date will be the best.

Ueno Zoological Park

Number of entrants in the year It is the best zoo in Japan.

The interior of the garden is very large, it takes about a half day to 1 day just by turning around the zoo.

There are 400 kinds of animals kept in wide garden. The Ueno Zoo is divided into two major categories: the east side and the west side, the east side is the main gate, and medium-sized monkeys, giant pandas, and other animals such as gorillas and polar bears are raised. Besides being kept in the west by penguins, flamingos, giraffes, there are children’s zoo centered on small animal museum, amphibious reptile pavilion, livestock animals.

The most interesting point of the Ueno Zoo is that the giant panda is kept again.The appearance of eating bamboo is pretty adorable, let ‘s take a look at Ueno Zoo. It is close to the main gate, so it is good to see it as soon as you enter the park.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

It is a museum which renewed the whole building in 2012.

As the first public art museum in Japan, it was established in 1926 as the “Tokyo Prefectural Art Museum”. It is managed to become ‘the entrance to the art’.

At the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, it is a pillar of the “exhibition business”, “art communication business”, “public recruitment exhibition project” and “amenity business” as the main pillars of operation, especially the characteristic exhibition with newspaper companies etc.

Exhibitions gathered such as famous paintings that can not be seen unless they go to famous museums in the world such as Picasso and Henry Moore are highly appreciated.

Ueno Royal Museum

The Ueno Royal Museum is near the statue of Saigo Takamori. This is a private art museum, but it is the oldest Japanese art group and opened in 1972.

Public exhibitions and art exhibits from foreign countries are exhibited from time to time. Young people popular animation exhibitions were also held, and in 2008 Takehiko Inoue “The Last Manga Exhibition” recorded the largest population of the Ueno Royal Museum.

“Treasures of the Holy Land Tibetan Potala Palace and the Sky” displayed in treasure treasures in Tibet in 2009, “Tutankhamen Exhibition” came from Egypt in 2012.

National Museum of Western Art

The National Museum of Western Art was founded in 1959 to create opportunities for people to appreciate the Matsukata collection (French art, centered on Impressionist paintings and Rodin sculptures) donated by the French government.

In the permanent exhibition, you can appreciate Matsukata collection and donation / purchase work until the beginning of the 20th century since the Renaissance period. In addition, a joint exhibition exhibition with newspaper companies etc., voluntary exhibition by works borrowed from the Western art museum are held throughout the year.

Monet’s “water lily” can be viewed regularly as a famous storage work. Monet’s works are only a few that you can appreciate in Japan except for exhibitions and exhibitions. Since the exhibition etc. are often crowded, it is an advantage that you can appreciate slowly.

Permanent exhibitions inside the National Museum of Western Art can also take photographs except for part. Also looks at the exterior of the building designed by the master of modern architecture “Le Corbusier”.