Access from Shinjuku station to Shibuya station. Recommended directions


Directions from Shinjuku station to Shibuya station are sometimes relatively close, and there are three ways of traveling as follows.

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Taxi

Here, we will introduce about each movement method.

How to go by train

It is a route called Shibuya station using Yamanote line.
It is the most recommended method.

Travel time by JR Yamanote Line, standard of charge

Total travel time (including transfer etc.) and fare
7 minutes 170 yen.

How to go with JR Yamanote Line
  • Shinjuku Station


    When heading for Shibuya, let’s go to platform 14.
    It is displayed on the bulletin board as Harajuku · Shibuya · Shinagawa area.
    A train of green lines comes in.

  • JR Shibuya station


By bus

The Keio bus leaves from Shinjuku station west entrance.

The end point of the 17th station is Shibuya.

boarding time 27 minutes · fare 210 yen

How to go by taxi

The price is greatly different depending on where you ride at Shinjuku station.
Shinjuku station, if possible, we recommend riding from the official taxi stand in front of the Luminee Yoshimoto Theater South Exit.

From Shinjuku South Exit Lumine Yoshimoto Theater, it takes around 20 minutes to travel to Shibuya Tokyu 4.5 km.
As a rough guide, it is about 1,790 yen to 2,060 yen.
However, depending on the time, due to traffic congestion in Omotesando, there may be times when the required time and amount are increased.

Recommended way to move from Shinjuku to Shibuya

To get to Shibuya from Shinjuku, JR Yamanote line, the shortest and cheapest, is recommended.
In this case the possibility of getting lost is quite low.