How do you enjoy Japanese fireworks display? We introduce belongings, place taking.

To enjoy more

If you want to enjoy the fireworks display, advance preparation is essential. We will introduce useful goods that will make you more fun, tips for shooting beautifully, and solutions to sudden problems.

Make the fireworks display more fun! 5 useful goods that are happy to be there.

If you are not comfortable just looking at the fireworks with a leisure sheet, why not bring the following items?

Folding mini table

Have you ever wondered why it would be useful to have a table where you can place the food you bought from the stalls and the snacks you brought with you at the fireworks display? When you want to put something small, folding mini-tables for the outdoors come in handy. The table part is upholstered, and it is recommended to fold it small. It is lightweight and can be stored in a bag when not in use.

Wine glass style disposable cup

When it comes to disposable cups, it is easy to imagine paper cups, but recently there are fashionable paper cups and plastic cups in the shape of wine glasses. If you pour juice and purchased liquor into a wine cup, you will be very fashionable and have a party feeling up! It is also available with 100 cents and is easy to use.

Mini fan

It would be nice if it was a steamy summer, a windy day or a fireworks display in the summer resort, but just sitting and watching it will make you sweaty. Even if you have a fan, you will not be able to look forward to it, as your hands get tired. It is a mini fan to be useful at such time. If it is battery-powered, it will hit the wind of the fan outdoors.

Air pillow

If you look up at fireworks for a long time, your neck will get tired. If you can see fireworks while lying on the side (up) … The friend at that time is an air pillow. When you do not use it, it will not be bulky because it will fold small if you let out the air. Do you not think that it is the best to be able to see the fireworks that color the night sky while sleeping?

Selfie stick

If you want to take a photo with your family, friends, lover and beautiful fireworks in the background, right? Then don’t forget the selfie stick. If you have a selfie stick, you can take a group photo by yourself. However, there are places where use is prohibited depending on the venue, so it is necessary to confirm in advance.

Can you see fireworks beautifully? Tips for taking a place for fireworks display.

If you want to watch in a place that looks more beautiful if you look at it, it is important to take a place. Get tips and tricks for getting things done.

Angle and condition that fireworks can be seen clearly

In order to see fireworks beautifully, let’s confirm the launch place in advance first. Once you have confirmed the launch location, check the tall buildings around you to see multiple areas where your view is not blocked.
On the day, check the direction of the wind and check how the smoke of the fireworks flows, then decide from the preselected locations to be the windward area. If you select the downwind, the smoke of the fireworks will flow and the fireworks will be hidden by the smoke.

Manners and rules of taking place

If you take a place, be sure to go with two or more people. The reason why two or more people are required is to change the toilet. In addition, it is important to minimize the space requirement and not try to secure the space in vain. Avoid using things like beach umbrellas and simple tents that open with one touch, as people around you feel uncomfortable.

What to do when your yukata is worn.

When participating in a fireworks display with a yukata, what you want to be aware of is the wearing of the yukata. Yukata should look beautiful only when worn properly. If you leave it as it is, it will give a sloppy impression. If you are going to wear a yukata, remember how to handle it if it is a thing.

Looseness of the neck

The loose neck is one of the most disappointing appearances. A sign that has been worn if the neck is slightly wrinkled. The upper front is lightly pulled from the bottom of the obi, and the lower front is redrawn by putting your hand from the mouth.

How to spread the hem

The hem spreads out, and it is uncool to see the foot. When the hem of the yukata is spread, pull it onto the waist strap in the order of lower front and upper front. If something goes wrong, stop with a safety pin and give first aid. It is good to have several safety pins.

Loose band

It would be nice if you could quickly tighten the obi by yourself, but it would not be easy. If you feel the band is loose and falling down, use a handkerchief to correct the loose band. Fold the thin handkerchief into small pieces and insert a gap from the bottom to the back of the band. It is useful to prepare another thin handkerchief separately from the handkerchief used to wipe your hands.

Things you can do to avoid return congestion.

It is crowded on the way back to the fireworks display. In large competitions, people often come from all over, so I often hear that it took more than a few hours to return. How about trying the following things to avoid congestion.

Decide whether to go early or late

There is a way to avoid the most congested time zone and return. There are two options: round up a little early and go home, or if you have the time, spend a little while slowly, and then you’re out of the crowd and then go home. However, it may be better to be aware that it will be a very late time to go home after the congestion is cleared.

Walk to one station

If you go home by train, it is also recommended to walk to one station.
The station where the fireworks display site is located is likely to be crowded with many people. Sometimes there is a long line in front of the ticket office. However, if you walk to one station, you can get on the train smoothly with few people.

Back road check in advance

If you go back along the same road as everyone else, you will be caught in traffic. If so, let’s go back to the back by relying on the navigation. However, since the return is at night, there is a risk of getting lost. It is safe if you use the back way in advance at the timing of going.

Sudden rain! To prepare for the occasion of heavy rain when going for a small rain.

What should I prepare in case of going to the rain

Even when it is fine when the fireworks display starts, it may be suddenly raining. Don’t rely too much on the weather forecast and prepare your rain gear so that it should rain. If there is a mini poncho or water absorption towel, you can watch fireworks even if it falls in the rain. Also, it may be useful to have a lightweight folding chair, as you will not be able to sit on the leisure seat.

Such troubles in the past too!

At the 2017 Tamagawa Fireworks Festival, although it was planned to be held until just before the day, it was suddenly canceled due to a sudden heavy rain. Not only heavy rain but also lightning, so many people were evacuated under the overpass. The station is crowded with people, and the hall panics. If you don’t take measures against the rain, your whole body will be soaking wet, so be sure to remember the rain gear.