Speaking of Japanese summer fireworks! Eleven fireworks displays in Tokyo [2019 version]

Events in Tokyo

This time, we will introduce you to the recommended fireworks display in Tokyo, including powerful fireworks launched at short distances and visitors-participating fireworks.


[7/20 Sat] Fireworks in Adachi.

“Adachi Fireworks” is the summer fireworks display held each year among the large-scale fireworks display held in Tokyo. You can enjoy the densely packed and powerful fireworks that launch about 13,000 shots in one hour, and the highly popular “W Niagara” last year.

There is also a new stage of collaboration between laser and fireworks, and a visitor-participation type fireworks that shakes “Hikaru-mono” in exciting scenes.

[7/23 Fri] Katsushika summer fireworks display.

The “Katsushika Akari Fireworks Display” with a sense of perfection, with the audience seats and launch site nearby. It has a history of more than half a century, and it is a fireworks display full of people from downtown.

At the 53rd Grand Opening, silver light rises from the rising silver dragon to Mt. Sky, and from Mt. Fuji Niagara, the movie “The Man is Hard” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication, an important cultural landscape of the first nation in Tokyo We will enliven the venue with lots of stages such as expressing and blessing the scenery of the selected Shibamata with Japanese fire, and the stage of Digital Star Mine that blends with music.

[7/27 Sat] About 20 thousand shots of Sumida River fireworks display.

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival will be held for the 42nd time this year. The history is old, and it seems to have been known by the name of “the rivers of both countries” from the origin of the water god festival of the Edo period.

The total number of fireworks launched at the two venues is about 20,000! I want to enjoy plenty of sparkling Sky Tree ® and large-flowered fireworks in the night sky.

There are many shops where you can rent yukatas in Asakusa area, so it is also a good idea to enjoy fireworks views after enjoying Asakusa walks with yukatas.

Sumida River fireworks display
A summer feature from the Edo period. About 20,000 fireworks are amazing! Tokyo's largest fireworks display, widely enj...

[7/27 Sat] Tachikawa Festival National Showa Memorial Park Fireworks Festival.

The Tachikawa Festival National Showa Memorial Park Fireworks Festival, which will be held 61st year this year, started in 1949. Attention is a large-scale one-size five-inch ball (No. 15 ball) that is rarely seen in Tokyo.

Other special features are the award-winning performances of the tournament, such as Gekyo Kodama, which has a spectacular look that never let the audience get bored from launch to finish.

The main viewing place “Hall of the National Showa Memorial Park” is a large open lawn with a sense of openness. You can lay out the sheets and relax and enjoy the fireworks.

[7/27 Sat] Hachioji Fireworks Festival.

At the Hachioji Fireworks Festival, star mines with spectacular looks will color the night of midsummer. The fireworks that decorate the last are impressive enough.

You can watch about 3,500 fireworks coming up in the stadium, and it’s powerful!

[8/1 Thu] Koto fireworks display.

The “Koto fireworks display” where star mines are launched one after another from a vessel floating in Arakawa. The riverbed of the main venue is 150 meters from the hotel, and its luxury and grandeur are spectacular!

It is good to spread the sheet on the lawn or revetment and to look around slowly. The fireworks that shine on the river face are both cool and powerful. You can taste plenty of downtown atmosphere.

Koto fireworks display
The 37th Koto Fireworks Festival is just 150 meters from the launch site to the main venue! Star mines are launched one...

[8/3 Sat] The 71st Ome City Summer Fireworks Exhibition.

“Aokai City summer fireworks display” held in Ome Nagayama hills. At this fireworks display, which will be held 71 times this year, about 4,000 shots will be launched, including the largest shaku 5-size ball in Tokyo and music creation fireworks.

Above all, “Nagayama Dailighting” is a must-see, as the firework set in the hills makes Akamatsu in Nagayama Park stand out! I am sure to be enchanted in the fantastic world of nature and light.

[8/3 Sat] Itabashi fireworks display.

The “Itabashi Fireworks Festival” will be the 60th anniversary this year. The launch site is close to the spectator seat, so the fireworks that fill the field of view and the sound that resonates with the stomach are the best.

The biggest shame ball in Tokyo, “Shaku five size ball launch”, “Long Niagara Falls with a total length of 700m,” the longest in the Kanto district, Wide Star Mine “Nissen Niagara” hit from five locations The event features a lot of attractions such as “art ball” created by people and “Pokemon shaped fireworks” which are very popular with children, showing fireworks that are elaborated every year.

Itabashi fireworks display
This year's 60th fireworks display. Because the launch site is close to the audience seat, fireworks can be spread out i...

[8/3 Sat] Edogawa Ward Fireworks Festival.

“Edogawa Ward Fireworks Festival” is composed of eight themes with different tastes, and it is placed on BGM along the image of each theme to launch brilliant fireworks.

Good memories are likely to be created for the colorful fireworks and music competitions that dye the water surface of the night sky and Edogawa.

Edogawa Ward Fireworks Festival
This year's highlight is theme 5 "Space Adventure". <Highlights of Edogawa Ward Fireworks Display> It is compose...

[8/10 Sat] Okutama night fireworks display 2019.

An annual “Okutama summer fireworks display” that colors the time of summer night. Fireworks performed in the magnificent nature of Okutama, about 1,000 shots were launched from the summit of Atagoyama, and the sound echoed in the mountains and the force was perfect! In addition, the contrast that the light flower and the Yamakage are reflected is so fascinating that it is unique to Okutama Town, surrounded by high mountains only in Tokyo.

A festival of Okhikawa Shrine, where you can enjoy Shishi dance, Kamisu and stalls, will be held at the same time.

[8/10 Sat] 2019 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Display.

As the city-type fireworks display with a concert held on the Yamanote Line, the only one in Tokyo, the “Jingu Gaien Fireworks Display” attracts about 1 million spectators every year. As well as the spectacular fireworks that you can see in close proximity, there are also venues where you can enjoy the festive mood, alongside the artist’s live and stalls.

The recommended venue is Chichibunomiya Rugby Field, which is near Aoyama 1-chome Station. In order to enjoy fireworks slowly, let’s reserve the seat you are aiming for early.

2019 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Display
A music festival with 10,000 impressions to color the night sky. The summer feature of Tokyo is held again this year!. ...