Recommended to stay around Shiodome Cheap Hotel 5 Select


Tokyo · Shiodome (Shiodosumi) is known as a business district with many skyscrapers. It is a popular area regardless of age as a modern city showing different faces in day and night.

There are many spots recommended for use not only for sightseeing, but also for dating, such as Kaletta Shiodome and Hamarikyu Gorge. Recommended cheap hotels below 5000 yen per night will be introduced around such Shiodome district. A hotel supervised by a designer, a hotel where breakfast is popular, a hotel where women are pleased that it is pleased! Everything is cheap hotels though it is a nice hotel, so you may wish to look at the night view with the floating money and a luxurious meal.


Hotel circumstances in Shiodome

Major accommodation area of Shiodome

The Shiodome area, which is adjacent to Shinbashi, the business area of Tokyo, is an area with a face as a sightseeing spot, such as the face as a business area where high-rise buildings are coalesced and the Kaletta Shiodome and Hamarikyu Garden .

For that reason, there are many locations ranging from affordable business hotels to world-class luxury hotels with good access around the station.


Access to Shiodome

Access to Shiodome adjacent to Shinbashi is about 10 minutes by taxi at Tokyo station Yaesu mouth. In the case of a car, it takes about one minute from the Shinbashi IC, the capital city high-speed central city circle line Shiodome IC.

A lot of lines pass through Shiodome, and you can use JR Shimbashi Station, Yurikamome Shinbashi Station, Shimbashi Station of Toei Asakusa Line, Shinbashi Station of Tokyo Metro or Shiodome Station of Toei Oedo Line.


Recommended hotels in Shiodome


The first cheap hotel we would like to stay in the vicinity of Shiodome is “THE HOTEL SHINBASHI “. It is 3 minutes walk from JR · Shinbashi station, excellent access. The stylish space spreads in the hall, it is popular if you can enjoy spending comfortable with the spacious service being substantial. All rooms are fully equipped with VOD (room theater), Wi-Fi connection is available and it is also recommended for business. Besides that, it is also a popular point that ladies have ample amenity.

Sotetsu Fresa Hamamatsucho Daimon

Next, I would like to stay in the recommended Shiodome neighborhood cheap hotel “Sotetsu Fresa Hamamatsucho Daimon”. It is a hotel located 8 minutes on foot from JR · Hamamatsucho Station. Access to Haneda Airport is also good, so it is recommended for business and sightseeing. Based on the concept of luxurious space above 1 class, we offer comfortable service and comfort, and also enhance customer satisfaction. Guest room is stylish and simple space supervised by designer, has comfort and reputation. The popular breakfast is buffet style, there is also a menu of local production for local consumption, and it is satisfying content.

Hotel Live Max Shinbashi

The cheap hotel which I want to stay in the vicinity of Shiodome which I will introduce the third is “Hotel Live Max Shinbashi.” It is hotel which is 8 minutes on foot from JR · Shinbashi station. This budget-type urban hotel offers modern and relaxing ambience.

In addition to Wi-Fi connection in all rooms, some rooms are equipped with mini kitchen, washing / drying machine, microwave and are ideal for long-term stay. The accommodation plan is also substantial, and it is possible to respond to various needs from a night stay to consecutive nights.

Hotel Sunroute Shimbashi

Next, we would like to stay in the recommended Shiodome neighborhood cheap hotel “Hotel Sunroute Shimbashi”. It is a high-rise hotel which is 3 minutes on foot from JR · Shinbashi station.

Vista single, Vista Semi-double guest room has a view of Tokyo Tower. All rooms have Simmons beds and you can spend comfortably. Among the ladies’ rooms are amenities such as nanocare products and security is also enhanced, so even one woman can be safely accommodated.

Hibiya City Hotel

I would like to stay in the vicinity of Shiodome I’d like to recommend at the end of the cheap hotel “Hibiya City Hotel”. It is hotel which is located along Hibiya street. The interior is a luxurious space and you can enjoy your stay in a luxurious space. Guest room keeps space that is spacious, you can use from business, sightseeing, date widely. The restaurant “Pache Che” can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the variety of wines is substantial, so it is popular if you can enjoy wines that match the cuisine.