Cheap hotel in Shimbashi 5 selections Nearly 4000 yen per night It is too nice


We will introduce hotels around Shimbashi which we can accommodate below 4000 yen this time.
In Tokyo alone, there are as many stars as there are hotels. The hotel that meets the needs of various trips is not only an exclusive five star hotel.
If you stay with different characteristics of each hotel such as functional rooms and ample amenities, it will be a more comfortable journey.

* Please note that rates below 4000 yen are different depending on the number of people, the timing, and the plan.

Recommended cheap hotels in Shimbashi introduced

Hibiya City Hotel

The first cheap hotel in Shimbashi is “Hibiya City Hotel”. The hotel is ideal for sightseeing and business which is convenient for wherever you go, such as Ginza and Shiodome.

All the rooms are renovated with 4 single rooms and 3 twin rooms. You can choose plans according to the purpose and budget, such as simple people only and friends. There is also a restaurant on the 4th floor where you can enjoy bistro cuisine and wine at reasonable prices.

Sotetsu Fresa Shinbashi Hibiya mouth

Next, the cheap hotel in Shinbashi is “Sotetsu Fresa sign Shinbashi Hibiya mouth”. It is a stylish hotel close to the station and 1 minute from JR · Shinbashi station Hibiya mouth. In the guest room with cleanliness that is based on white, a charger etc of mobile phone is placed.

For women ‘s services such as cleansing oil and lotion “ladies amenity”. There is a convenience store on the first floor, “Ootoya” on the second floor, you can spend a safe and satisfying hotel life.


The cheapest hotel in Shimbashi recommended for the third is “THE HOTEL SHINBASHI (THE Hotel SHINBASHI)”. A station near hotel where you can also use day use conveniently for taking exams and business. You can get a good sleep in a spacious bed with duvet style using a duvet.

Also, it’s free with unlimited VOD and you will not get bored during your stay. For those who missed the last train or who simply sleep, the check-in ‘Midnight Plan’ is popular since 24 o’clock.

Hotel Sunroute Shimbashi

The best hotel in Shinbashi is the Hotel Sunroute Shimbashi. Hotel which can look at Tokyo Tower from window of guest room on higher floor.

Apart from regular rooms, ladies’ rooms are also available, including an ion steamer, a night steamer and a waterproof i-Pod player that can be enjoyed in the bath. At the coffee shop “Renoir” on the first floor, you can eat sandwiches and coffee morning.

Hotel Unizo Shimbashi

At the end we recommend Shinbashi’s cheap hotel is “Hotel Unizo Shimbashi.” Hotel which is near JR · Shinbashi station characteristic of glass-fronted reception lobby. Even women can relax the space where relaxation can be relieved.

It is simple and understandable plan setting, including the presence of breakfast and the presence or absence of QUO card. On the 2nd floor there is a cafe restaurant “Gast” and you can have breakfast at the Western-style buffet.