The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda details and reviews


There are many people who use Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) convenient when traveling overseas. Since there are many late-night flight departures, it is possible to go straight to the office. However, there are also many return trips returning late at night, so many people can not avoid staying after the night. Here, “Royal Park Hotel The Haneda” with the International Terminal is built, in a few minutes from the arrival lobby into the bed! It is possible to do something like a dream called.


Convenient hotel with airport

There is an entrance of the hotel where I got the Nihonbashi in the airport. From the arrival lobby, I will arrive at the hotel in a few minutes without going outside.

The hotel lobby is stylish in color and design. There is also a motif of the globe, we will further enhance the location pattern of the airport, exciting feeling.


Premium floor where Mt. Fuji can be seen

When the air in winter is clear, you can see Mt. Fuji on the top floor premium floor. It is chic and calm interior that was gathered up with brown series.


Full of Japanese hospitality

This time we will introduce a premium superior twin. Bed is superb sleepy with Sata brand mattress! The pajamas equipped are gauze specifications and gentle to the skin. It is a type that is divided up and down, so it will not hurt to get up while sleeping and the stomach will cool down. This alone will relieve tiredness of long trips.

In addition, since coffee makers made by KURIGU are prepared, you can taste coffee with high smell. Jasmine tea is prepared, so even people who are not good at coffee are fine.
Drinking water and other hat off where the water for the coffee maker is also prepared! It is packed with Japanese hospitality, where you can really get itchy.

In addition, steamer beauty appliances are happy for women! It gives moisture to the skin that you spend in an airplane that tends to dry.


There is a healing secret in the bathroom too!

In the bathroom, the bathroom and the toilet are divided. There is space of washroom in bathroom, and you can relax deeply in Japanese-style bath.

If you use hot water here, there will be a slight hint of scent of hiba. This is because the reservoir you use at the airport is wooden. It seems that we adopted a wooden tub with antibacterial effect, heat retention and durability from corrosion resistance and environmental problems.


Even after check out, it is stylish

You can have a coffee ticket (take home) available at the restaurant in the hotel at check out and a refresh room use ticket that you can use once in 2 weeks. This is convenience for those who use it as a night front. It is perfect for when you want to refresh after taking a shower, when you want to change clothes from a different place in the season.


When you arrive, it may be nice to stay here first

It is a hotel that you can relax not only the location side within the airport but also the goodness of the materials such as the amenity shine, taking a tired trip.

Even if I am hungry at midnight, there are no convenient stores and restaurants that are available 24 hours in the airport, so there is no problem at all. If you are staying for the night, the convenience of checking in the ticket soon after checking out the hotel, the convenience of being able to rest your body immediately after arrival if you stay after the night. Please highlight this high value of use, by all means.