Mt.Takao beginner recommended course! Enjoy climbing profits and gourmet food

Sights and Landmarks

Mt. Takao can be reached by train from central Tokyo in about an hour. In 2009, it was selected as a 3 star tourist spot by the “Michelin Green Guide Japon”, so many foreign tourists visit here.

If you use a cable car, you can climb in about an hour, and there are plenty of sightseeing spots such as delicious gourmet food and power spots full of profits. Of course, the view from the top of the mountain is amazing. This time, we will introduce the “Mt. Takao” day trip that you can fully enjoy using the “Five Senses” and that even beginners can climb easily.

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What kind of place is Mt. Takao?

Mt. Takao is visited by 3 million tourists annually from home and abroad. Although it is located only about an hour from the center of Tokyo, there is still plenty of nature.

The altitude is about 599 meters, and if you use a cable car, you can easily climb it in about an hour. There are many teahouses along the approach to the power spot “Mt.Takao Yakuoin”, and there are many specialties such as dumplings and tororo soba. Beer garden with a superb view is very popular in summer! A hiking spot for children and adults.

Access to Mt. Takao

A train is recommended for Mt. Takao. It takes about an hour from Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line or JR Chuo Line. Get off at Keio Line “Takaosan-guchi” station or JR “Takao” station.

You can go to the summit by cable car or lift

There are 1 to 6 roads on the mountain trail of Mt. Takao and all 7 routes of the Inariyama course.
This time we will introduce hiking courses that even beginners can enjoy casually.

When you get off the Takaosan-guchi Station on the Keio Electric Railway Takao Line, you can reach the cable car Kiyotaki Station in about 5 minutes on foot. First of all, we will use a cable car with the highest slope in Japan to the middle of the mountain. It runs about 6 minutes one way. While riding, you can enjoy the nature of Mt. Takao.

The fare is 480 yen for one-way adults (more than junior high school students) and 930 yen for round trips. Child (elementary school) one way 240 yen, round trip 460 yen. One preschooler is free per adult.

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Enjoy the scenery that spreads under your eyes by lift movement

You can also use the lift from “Sanroku Station”. The fare is the same as that of the cable car, but the lift is charged for children from the age of 3 and one child under 3 years is free per adult. It runs about 12 minutes one way and we recommend a lift when the weather is nice.

You can enjoy different scenery on the way to and from the way back and forth by gondola or lift. Since there is no bar on the lift, the return is particularly impressive.

When you reach the cable car Takaoyama Station at an altitude of 472 meters, you will reach Route 1, which is said to be the Omotesando of Mt. Takao. From here, aim for the summit on foot along the road. There are relatively gentle roads and toilets.

A cable car and a 2-minute walk from the lift, there is the “Kashiwadai Observatory”. From here, you can see buildings in the heart of Tokyo when the weather is nice. The night view is also superb.

Mt. Takao has many specialties

The Omotesando that leads from the cable car Takaoyama Station to Yakuo-in and the summit is dotted with teahouses that specialize in gourmet food. Introducing the best gourmets of Mt. Takao, from eating around to souvenirs and lunch.


The popular Takao gourmet “Tengu Yaki” has sold over 5 million units. Sweets with a modest black bean paste shaped like a tengu. As soon as possible because it is sold out as a souvenir.

You can purchase it at “Mt. Takao Sumika”, a gourmet and souvenir spot on the middle of Mt. Please try freshly baked.


After finishing climbing Otokozaka and Onnasaka on Route 1, the tea house “Sesame Gongen Chaya” is just in front of Yakuoin. We recommend sesame dumplings, two types of gold sesame and black sesame. It is an exquisite specialty dumpling that is fragrant at the beginning and feels the sweetness of glutinous rice and the flavor of sesame later.

At the sesame center Gongen Chaya, which specializes in sesame, you can enjoy meals such as “Tengu Ramen” and local gourmet “Hachioji Ramen”. If you have time, you can also enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

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Power spot “Mt.Takao Yakuoin”

If you walk about 10 minutes from the “Kasumidai Observatory”, you will reach “Joshimon”. When you pass through the gate, it is a sanctuary. When you make a bow with the intention of entering the sanctuary as you pass through, your heart will tighten.

If you walk for a while, you will come to a split road. The road on the left is Otokozaka and the right is Onnazaka. Otokozaka has 108 steps of stone steps, the same as the number of human annoyances. Onnazaka is a gentle slope. It is also recommended to change the way back and forth and enjoy the difference.

Go through the mountain gate and go to the precincts. The large precinct is dotted with many profit spots. Tengu, famous for Mt. Takao, plays a role in protecting Ionori Daigongen. Various kinds of Tengu statues are enshrined in the precincts.

This is the main hall that talks about Yakushi  Nyorai and Iinodai Gongen. This and the head office are the main places of “Takaoyama Yakuo-in” where the main deity and the main priest deity are enshrined, so we recommend that you visit them.

Takaoyama Yakuo-in is a Shingon Buddhism temple founded in 744 by Gyoki, one of the three major headquarters in Kanto, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Kawasaki Daishihiramaji Temple. The profit is a power spot that can be given in various ways, such as fulfillment of various applications, good luck, good luck, Rokune cleansing, good luck fulfillment, improvement of money luck, prosperous business.

Head office (Iinodai Gongendo). Don’t miss the splendid shrine that reminds you of the remnants of Shinto Buddhism. When praying, it is said that it will be easier to reach if you first pray for the appreciation for coming here and the wishes of all those who want it.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains at the summit

It takes about 20 minutes from Yakuoin to the summit. Meanwhile, there are almost no steep slopes. There is a lush mountain trail and you can walk while feeling nature from beginning to end.

Finally arrived at the summit of Mt. Takao! I was able to arrive in about an hour using a cable car. Even if you enjoy visiting Yakuo-in Temple and Mt. Takao gourmet in the middle of climbing, you can reach it in half a day. For lunch, eat lunch here or enjoy lunch at a nearby teahouse.

Combined with the sense of accomplishment of the summit, the scenery seen from here will be exceptional! It is popular as a spot for the first sunrise because you can see Mt. Fuji during the winter when the air is clear.

For lunch at the summit, Mt. Takao’s specialty “Tororo Soba”

It is a restaurant loved by many climbers since its establishment in 1945. You can enjoy the traditional taste while surrounded by the nature of the mountaintop.

This is the famous “Chilled Toro Soba”. It is said that the beginning of the process was to add a side bean to heal the fatigue of worshipers visiting Yakuo-in. “Yamabiko Chaya” located at the top of the mountain is recommended for lunch because it arrives at noon time when you start climbing in the morning.

A limited-time view beer garden is also recommended

The open-air beer garden that opens only from mid-June to mid-October every summer is very popular. “Takao Beer Mount” is a short walk from the cable car “Takaoyama Station”.

Takao Beer Mount
A beer garden with a panoramic view from an observation deck at an altitude of 500 meters in the middle of Mt. Takao. A...

The venue has 800 seats, and you can enjoy the night view at the best location overlooking the city. There are three types of seats: “Slab”, “Garden”, and “Hall”, and the hall and slab have a roof so you can rest assured even on rainy days.

2-hour all-you-can-eat / drink. There are a variety of dishes from classic Italian, Chinese, Japanese, grilled and fried dishes to local gourmets such as “Hachioji Vegetables” and “Hachioji Ramen”.

There is also dessert, so you can enjoy it from adults to children. There is also a special menu for each season, so you can enjoy different experiences each time you visit.

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After enjoying Mt. Takao, refresh yourself with a hot spring

There is also a one-day hot spring “Keio Takaoyama Onsen Gokurakuyu” that is attached to “Takao Yamaguchi” station. It is also recommended that you stop by a sweat to end the climb.