Almost half price, super rare goods! 7 factory outlets and outlets that can be purchased from Bunmeido to Tyrol Chocolate


Did you know that there are shops where you can buy “Bunmeido” Castella’s bargain products, “Tirol Chocolate” specials, and convenience stores at a bargain price? Here are 7 factory-operated stores and outlet stores in Tokyo and near Tokyo, where you can get not only great deals but also rare products!

Get discounts on Kabuki-Age, etc.! / Tennoya Tokyo Factory direct sales store

The “Amanoya Tokyo Factory Direct Sales Store” in Musashimurayama City has 70 to 80 types of items ranging from the popular items that are often found in department stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores, to rare items that are rarely seen.

Among the many products, the “Kokore Senbei” corner is a must-check. This corner sells crackers cracked or chipped during the manufacturing process at a more affordable price than regular products. Of course, the taste and quality are the same as regular products! This is a bargain product only available at a factory direct sales store.

Direct delivery products from the factory are available / Bunmeido Ichiban-Kan sunamachi

“Bunmeido” is a familiar TV commercial in Japan, with Castella 1 and Phone 2 From regular products to direct-cut-off products shipped directly from the factory, the shop that gathers all at once is the “Bunmeido IchibanKan Sunamachi direct sales store”.

One of the most eye-catching products is the cut-out product! Cut off the edges of castella and baumkuchen from the manufacturing process at the factory is available at a reasonable price.

You can buy outlet products and super rare flavors! / Shop Tyrolean chocolate

Opened in March 2018 in Akihabara, “Shop Tyrolean Chocolate” is Japan’s first Tyrolean chocolate specialty store, and is full of rare items such as limited items and great outlets that can only be purchased here.

In the “Outlet product” corner, products that are slightly out of shape and those with a near expiration date are sold at great prices. If you are lucky, you may also encounter a phantom tyrol chocolate that was not sold.

Convenience Suites may be 30% off / Don Remy Outlet Ueno Shinobi

“Don Remy Outlet Ueno Shinobi” is a factory-operated outlet store that produces puddings, roll cakes, desserts such as tarts and cream puffs at supermarkets and convenience stores.

We sell sweets that have the same taste and quality but cannot be handled with regular products, such as creams on the lid or bent seals, at a surprising price. Roll cakes and milk crepes are also very popular.

That Black Thunder Factory Directly Store / YURAKU CHOCOLATE SHOP

“YURAKU CHOCOLATE SHOP” is a headquarters and factory & directly-managed store of chocolate black thunder that is explosively popular among young men and women. Inside the store, you can find a variety of sweets including Black Thunder series!

All of the products are cheaper than the regular price, and you can purchase them for 8% off! In addition to Hokkaido-only flavors and Tokyo-only “Tokyo Black Thunder”, we also sell bar-chocolate and cookies that are limited to stores.

You may get a cut-off of super rare matcha roll cake / Kyo Hayashiya Harumi Direct Sales Office

“Kyo Hayashiya Harumi Direct Sales” is a factory direct sales store where you can buy sweets from the long-established tea shop “Kyo Hayashiya”, famous for its green tea parfait for more than 260 years. “Kyo Hayashiya” can be purchased for a little discount, or you can get limited edition items here.

“5 Matcha Roll Cakes” is a very rare product that is sold only when a piece of “Matcha Roll Cake” in the hall comes out. If you can go to the shop on the day and purchase, you are very lucky. It is open only on weekdays, but if you like sweets there is no loss to visit.