Attraction of a hot bathing facility “Thermae-yu” healing in the middle of Kabukicho

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Do you know that there is the biggest day-trip bathing facility in Tokyo in downtown Tokyo, Shinjuku Kabuki-cho representative? There are outdoor baths of hot springs carried from Izu everyday, high concentration carbonated springs, 6 kinds of baths, high temperature sauna and low temperature sauna, bedrock baths, etc. are prepared separately for each gender, so that you can get tired of your body in the way you like I can do it.

In addition to enjoying the bath, you can receive treatment of aromatherapy, there are also healing facilities such as massage, so you can firmly relax tiredness that you can hardly take out as soon as you settle, you can polish your skin I will. In addition to healing facilities, there is a water activity spot in the rooftop space where you can cool while burning the body that was burned in bedrock bath. If you are hungry, you can spend a whole day with authentic Japanese and ethnic cuisine prepared carefully using the ingredients of the season.

I will introduce the charm of Therma-yu which can fully enjoy the resort feeling in the middle of the city.


Use hot water as “Jindai-no-yu”


The characteristic of Shinjuku Thermae-yu is that you are using “Outdoor bath” Jindai no yu “.

We transport natural spa every day from Nakaizu hot spring “Jindai no yu”. Heat the natural hot spring, add water (circulating filtration and disinfection) and keep it at 42 degrees.

Soft hot water wrapping the skin moistly is also called “beautiful waters”. Spring quality is a sodium · calcium · sulphate hot spring, it is said to be effective for recovery of fatigue and atopy etc.

Fine Mt. Fuji on the wall also uses fine tiles and you can enjoy Mt. Fuji delicately drawn.


“High concentration carbonated spring” of one of the most urban areas


Next, the highlight of Shinjuku Thermae-yu introduced is “High concentration carbonated spring” of the most wide area in Tokyo.

Because beauty effect is outstanding, there is a bath of carbonated spring which is also used for esthetic treatment. When entering in hot water, fine and fine bubbles adhere to the skin.

Those containing 1,000 ppm of high carbonic acid concentration are said to be high concentration carbonated springs, and in Termamar hot water more carbonic acid is put in 1100 ppm dense carbonated spring.

There is a blood circulation promotion effect, and the body feels warmed after warm water enters.


There are two saunas for both men and women


The sauna has a high temperature sauna and a low temperature sauna for men and women, respectively.

The hot sauna for men is 90 degrees and the hot sauna for women is 85 degrees. The women’s aroma sauna is 50 degrees and the mist exclusive mist sauna is 50 degrees.

Salt is prepared in the aroma sauna, and when applied to the body, sweating effect can be further enhanced. When leaving the sauna, you can drop the salt with a shower in the sauna.


“Eurofire” which receives a treatment of aromatherapy


“Eurofire” can receive the treatment of aromatherapy.

It is a therapy to carry out aroma body treatment with the goal of obtaining three Rs of Relaxation, Release, Recovery (restoration), leading to health beauty.

Based on Western lymph drainage, it is a fully-private salon with various courses including deep aroma course, hyper detox course, stretch lymph course.


Relaxation & beauty aura


Relaxation & Beauty Aura offers a variety of menus ranging from a 40 minute lymph drainage course to a full course of red sandalwood, body wash, milk finish, oil care, steamed towel, facial muscle and scalp.

There are various courses such as Balinese oil treatment, beautiful course etc. as a course according to each one’s troubles.


Lounge where you can relax comfortably


There are various lounges where you can spend your time relaxing in the bath.

The relaxation lounge is unisex. A little luxurious feeling A little premium lounge with dark lighting can spend in a calm atmosphere.

There is Venus lounge where one woman can relax relaxedly. There is also a recommended pair seat lounge for couples.

All the seats are equipped with a reclining chair, TV, Wi-Fi and power supply.


“Healing Terra” (Gamban-yoku)


A separate charge of 810 yen will be charged to enter Healing Terra (Gamban-yoku).

You can rent exclusive wear for healing terra. Healing Tera is separated by gender.

Men have germanium healing, rock salt healing, aroma healing.Women have rock salt healing, loowul healing, aroma healing, ocher healing.



Izakaya of creative Japanese food “Sansui soumoku”


It is an Izakaya of creative Japanese cuisine where you can have delicious relishes to suit your drink and drink. The chef who has pursued the seasonal gastronomic cuisine squirts his arms.

Handmade udon which is served in large vessels is also recommended.

Nigiri sushi meal is a luxury set that you can get at once with bamboo sushi, freshly fried tempura, small bowl containing seasonal ingredients, and udon with fresh ingredients purchased at Tsukiji.


Ethnic Izakaya “callan-column”


Ethnic cuisine with plenty of beauty and healthy vegetables can be tasted.

In addition to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, there are ethnic dishes from all over Asia, including China and South Korea. There are plenty of good menus for the body using plenty of fresh vegetables.

Ethnic noodle set which picks the favorite thing from 3 kinds of noodles and 4 kinds of dishes is advantageous with dessert and drink.

Roof top active spot “FUN · FUN SKY”

On the rooftop there is an active spot “FUN · FUN SKY”.

It is open as a special spot that can be used free of charge only by people using healing terra.

You can enjoy several kinds of attractions such as a ride “Sky Ride” advancing by weight shift, a two person ride “Love Love” like a cradle that you can operate by yourself, “Water Balloon” entering a big capsule and enjoying water plays.

If you feel tired a bit, you can also buy a drink and have a relaxing space to relax.


Map and access to Thermae-yu


About 2 minutes on foot from Metropolitan Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, Fukutoshin Line · Shinjuku Sanchome Station E1 exit

About 9 minutes on foot from JR · Shinjuku Station east exit


9 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, Toei Oedo Line · Higashi Shinjuku Station A1 Exit