Eat fast and taste authentic! 4 Ginza Eat-in Gourmets with 120% Satisfaction


Ginza has a strong image of a city where high-end restaurants and fashionable cafes gather. But do you know that there are many eat-in shops in Ginza that can be eaten quickly and easily? From the “adult crepes” with a Japanese-style taste to high-class sandwiches and hot takoyaki, why not try the full-fledged menu?

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Enjoy a new sense of luxury sand / Caviar House & Prunier Sandwich House Tokyu Plaza Ginza

“Caviar House & Prunier Sandwich House Tokyu Plaza Ginza” opened on the second basement floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

It is a luxury sandwich house with a gastronomic brand loved by wealthy people around the world for over 140 years.

One 6,000 yen (tax-excluded) that is a specialty of this store! The “Chabia Sandwich” is a little expensive, but “Ballic Salmon Tartar”, which can be enjoyed at an affordable price of 880 yen, is recommended.

This is a sandwich that combines a special sauce with a quail, an unripe cheese and a die, and a high-quality smoked salmon “Barrick Salmon” that was beaten at Switzerland’s famous Barrick Farm. Thick tartar is a gem.


There is no doubt that everyone wants to share. Authentic “Takoyaki” / Namika no Emon Umaimon Osaka Department Store.

The Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, a 1-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station, has many antenna shops from all over Japan.

Among them, the “Namibana Eemon Umaimon Osaka Department Store” on the 1st floor is a popular place for casually enjoying Osaka’s “soul food” at eat-ins and take-outs.

The recommendation is “Takoyaki” with a large octopus! Takoyaki, which can be baked more than 2,400 a day, is a full-fledged school that is crunchy outside and trotting inside. You can enjoy the authentic taste of the original blend sauce, made with the Osaka Department Store, on the dough filled with Kansai-style soup stock.

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Relieved in a modern Japanese atmosphere / AKOMEYA TOKYO Ginza.

“AKOMEYA TOKYO” focuses on “rice” based on the concept of “happiness that spreads from a cup of freshly cooked white rice”.

It is a lifestyle shop where you can “discover” foods and seasonings that enrich the dining table, tools that enhance everyday life, and tools with excellent functionality, centered on carefully selected rice from around the country.

The Ginza store has an eat-in space called “AKOMEYA Kitchen” where you can enjoy food, seasonings and dishes that are sold in the store. If you are tired of walking and want to take a break, this is the perfect place.

Engaged in the luxury crepes and liquor mariage for adults / PÄRLA Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

The popular crepe stand “PÄRLA” in front of the Bund opens its second store on the road surface of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, which opened at the end of March 2016!

At this restaurant, you can eat authentic “luxury crepes” that you have never tasted before.

Based on the concept of “Hikaradandy”, the store’s interior is inspired by the Taisho romance based on black and gold. In the standing style cafe space next to it, you can eat-in if you ask for alcohol or coffee with the crepe.

In addition, the menu of the store is just a lineup that overturns the concept of crepes such as caviar and truffles. It is a crepe shop for adults.

Of the 12 types of crepe menus, 11 are original from the Ginza store. The most popular crepe is “Matcha Amazake Mascarpone”, which is a perfect match between the flavor of Matcha, Amazake and the richness of Mascarpone cheese. And “Yuzu Yamagata Chocolate” with hazelnuts accented with yam x chocolate.

Each taste is addictive with a novel combination.