What are the cheapest hotels near Disney Resort? Here are some recommended areas.


When staying around Disney, official hotels such as Mira Costa are expensive. Here are some recommended hotels that are close by and cheap.

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Hotels and Rank near Disney Resort

If you go to Disney, you want to stay nearby.

There are many hotels around Disney, including four hotels directly managed by Disney, as well as official and official hotels.

In particular, Disney-managed hotels include MiraCosta, Disney Ambassador Hotel, and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, so you can fall asleep as if you were feeling like a dream.

Now let’s check out Disney’s official and official hotels. Looking at the Tokyo Disney Resort website, each hotel is ranked four.

There are differences in Disney access and price ranges for each hotel rank, so let’s take a look at each.

Disney Hotel

A hotel directly operated by Disney, it is exactly the land of dreams. This is a hotel directly managed by Oriental Land, located in Tokyo Disney Resort and nearby areas.

There are 4 hotels directly operated by Disney.

・ Disney Ambassador Hotel
・ Hotel Mira Costa
・ Disneyland Hotel
・ Disney Celebration Hotel
The hotel is overflowing with characters, and the fantastic and luxurious atmosphere and the hospitality of the cast remain the land of dreams. There are special benefits for guests only, such as “Happy 15 Entry” that you can enter before the park opens.

Located in the Disney district and directly connected to the entrance. The scenery you see from the window when you wake up in the morning will never be forgotten. However, the price is also quite good.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel is a hotel that is directly managed by Disney but can be cheaply stayed at.

Located by the sea in Shin-Urayasu, 20 minutes from Disney by free shuttle bus. Although there is a distance, the hotel is recommended for families full of characters. Of course, you can also use the pre-opening admission benefits.

Official Hotel

A group of hotels on the back of Disney. It is operated by leading hotel brands such as Hilton, Sheraton and Okura, and is considered as the official Disney hotel.

There is a free shuttle bus with Disney, and there is also an admission guarantee plan that you can enter even when admission is restricted due to congestion.

What is an official hotel?
In terms of “official”, we tend to think of all hotels introduced by Disney in the sense of “official”, but to be precise these 6 hotels.

The price range is slightly higher because of the number of first-class hotel brands. Sunroute Plaza Tokyo is the most affordable place to stay.

It is the closest hotel to Disney among the official hotels and there is a free shuttle bus. There are a castle room and a Western room like the image of Disney in the guest room, so you can have fun. There is a reputation for breakfast.

Partner Hotel

A partner hotel is a Disney-recognized hotel located in the Shin-Urayasu area near Disney.

There is a free shuttle bus between each hotel and Disney, which takes about 15 minutes. There is also an official Disney shop in the hotel, so you can buy souvenirs.

The price is the cheapest among official Disney hotels, and you can stay at a good price. If you want to reduce your travel expenses, we recommend choosing from these hotels.

Brighton Hotel or Oriental Hotel for convenience from the station. If you enjoy it as a family, I think Hotel Emion or Mitsui Garden Hotel is good.

There are also many hotels in this area other than official partner hotels. There are various hotels such as tropical resorts and hotels where you can stay cheaply near the ocean.

Good Neighbor Hotel

Good Neighbor Hotel is a Disney-recognized hotel in the neighborhood of Disney such as Tokyo 23 wards and Chiba city.

Disney is connected by a free shuttle from the Good Neighbor Hotel shuttle on a large bus. There are hotels in towns such as Shinjuku, Odaiba, and Makuhari, so it is convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo.

On the other hand, there are many hotels in the city center, so they are far from each other and expensive. If only Disney is the purpose, there is a slightly expensive impression, so it is recommended if you are thinking about sightseeing in Tokyo at the same time or if you want to use them because there are many first-class hotels.

Which hotel is cheaper and closer?

In fact, there are many hotels that are not officially or officially recognized along the Keiyo Line and Urayasu city, including around the Disney area.

For example, Hotel Dream Gate Maihama is directly connected to JR Maihama Station. In 2017, the Annex building was newly established.

Also in the Disney area are Hotel MyStays Maihama and Hotel Maihama Eurasia.

Ichikawa Shiohama is a cheap hotel

A cheaper trend is around Ichikawa-Shiohama Station, which is 5 minutes from JR Maihama Station on the Keiyo Line.

There is only a convenience store and Gyotoku police station in front of the station, but the price is the cheapest around Disney, and the hotel is right in front of the station.

Recommended if you want to keep your travel expenses as low as possible.

There is also a convenient business hotel

You can also choose to stay at a business hotel if you want to have both convenient access to the city center and low prices.

This area is recommended for many business hotels that are easily accessible to Disney.

Business Hotels in Kasai Area

Around Kasai Station and Nishikasai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. There are limited express buses such as Shuttle Seven to Disney, and some hotels also offer free shuttle buses.

It is an area in Tokyo where accommodation prices are cheap, and familiar business hotel chains are also available. Recommended for cheapness.

Business hotels near Tokyo Station

If you want to use the Keiyo Line directly from Maihama Station, we recommend business hotels in the area around Hatchobori Station next to Tokyo Station and the Kyobashi area.

The price is slightly higher because it is in the city center, but it is within walking distance of Tokyo Station and is an excellent area for sightseeing in Tokyo.

An official hotel where Disney feels exciting is good, but I think that there are business hotels like this, considering the low price and good access. There are many hotels for women such as delicious breakfast and amenity recently, and you will be able to spend a satisfying overnight stay.